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One code for two rooms 

Host your own video chat room.

Instantly unlock these advanced features:

  • Password protect your server. Keep people who see your server from joining your room without a   password. Set up a private video chat room for your business, friends, or family.

  • Set the maximum number of users for your room.

  • Keep out users without webcams. Tired of users without webcams lurking in your room? Don't ever let   them enter at all.

  • Make a list of operators who can control the room. Enter a nickname in the op list and that user can now   kick and ban users from the room.

  • Ban annoying users by not only nickname but also IP address.

  • Turn on scrolling and anti-spam protection. Keep users from making all the users in your room send   fast text that ruins the video chat room experience. They will be automatically kicked.


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